It's Been A while

It was a last-minute thing, but I was asked by Timberwolves/Lynx/Target Center staff photographer David Sherman to photo edit and assist with photography for both the Women's and Men's B1G Tournaments from March 6 - March 17, 2024. I am *still* working on that project! It was a much bigger job than I ever anticipated. I learned a lot about what NOT to do if I am ever able to work a big tournament like this again! I've photo edited for events with multiple photographers before, obviously, but to do it for a photographer who hand-holds 2-3 camera bodies and then uses 5-6 remote cameras is a whole new ballgame! It was awesome to be a part of it. I have never worked with a photographer before who uses strobes for shooting. It was cool and a new way to think about how to perfect shots.

Despite sitting to edit I still got >10,000 steps per day running around the Target Center setting up remote cameras and picking up memory cards from these cameras dispersed throughout the Target Center. Whew!

I love working at events. They are so much fun and the work is so fulfilling. I love how every job has a person on it; we are all like little ants doing our tasks. Everyone is in their groove and it's fun to watch others in their element.

Sitting right on the sidelines where all the action is is always great, too! Not that I was able to watch a lot of the basketball, LOL. I was editing during the game (and before, and after...) but I would have moments where I could look up and watch a great play. What a time to be involved in the B1G, too, with Caitlin Clark and her amazing Iowa basketball team. It brought tears to my eyes daily to see little boys and girls holding signs for her, shouting her name, and waiting for an autograph. This is what all of us female athletes have been waiting for, equality. For recognition. This time is awesome.

I'm wrapping up my B1G tourney work so I hope to be back in your social media feeds soon with more photo editing content!! As always, email me or message me online for any questions or with suggestions on what you would like to see me cover next!