In the early aughts, many photographers (myself included) would complete a photo session for a client and then hand over the images on a DVD or a flash drive.

Do you have any of these disks or flash drives that are sitting around?

Where are those photos? Are they still on those photo vehicles?

Are those photos on your computer? In the cloud? Are they in an album?

Did you make prints of those photos?

I used to distribute disks to clients containing their session photos. However, several families would contact me weeks or months later, inquiring about how to transfer these photos from the disks to their computers. This was when my brain said, "huh." Not everyone knows how to do some of the computer tricks photographers use, and not everyone is as tech-savvy as their photographer. Heck, I'm not as tech-savvy as I would like to be! The biggest reason to get your photos off of these items and to get rid of these disks and flash drives is because your digital files degrade with time. I made a wedding album for a couple last year, from digital photos that were on a flash drive. Their wedding was in 2015. We lost about 25 of their photos because they were corrupted. It was really sad. Digital files do not last forever on a DVD or flash drive. It's time to get them off of there before they are gone forever!

Wouldn't it be great to look at your photos whenever you wanted, in a book form? Personally, I love a good travel photo album. I am so glad I started making them when my husband and I started to travel after we got married. When we were starting as a couple, I used to scrapbook our vacations. Our wedding, in 2003, took place in Hawaii. It took me a full year to scrapbook that trip. A YEAR. The 2 books I made are incredible but they are huge and heavy. Now I make slim, beautiful albums that are full of memories and fit nicely on our bookshelf in our living room. There are so many times I pull out one of the books to relive a trip! If someone asks me "Where should I eat when I'm in Beaune, France?" I can quickly grab our album and show them photos of the restaurant we went to and I know the name (we are foodies and take photos of the restaurant signs and the food when we travel). It would not be this fast if I was digging through files on my computer.

I want to get these photos off of DVDs and flash drives for you! Contact me today to build you a photo album.

~ Wendy