Check it out!

I'm deep, deep into a pile of hard work. I am developing a digital course. Yes! How crazy is that? How thrilling! I am so excited to give out more information about this very soon. I am building something that I think will truly help a group of people beyond their expectations and I am SO excited to share what I have learned! I am putting in the work. It's time to put on my teaching hat. Giving presentations, educating, teaching... it's something that gives me anxiety. I'm similar to most people in this area. But you know what? Any time I've ever had to do any of this (present, educate, teach) I'm always really, really happy I did it when it's over. It's like exercise, right? Sometimes you don't feel like doing it but you always are happy you did afterwards. Ha! :) No, in all seriousness, I am really excited about building this course. I will provide more information really soon once I have more of the details ironed out. Details are coming soon, I promise!

I have a question for you:

If you came to me for any type of photography education, what would you ask me to provide teaching on?

Cheers! Have a great week!