Athletes want albums!

I'm excited to announce I'm offering athlete albums now! I have made 4-5 of these and I am absolutely in love with them. It's so fun to cover an athlete over one match/game/event (or more than one) and provide them with an album showing off all of their skills and the fun they have playing the sport that they love. I like to cover the entire day or evening and include photos from warm ups, huddles, the sporting event itself of course, and the celebration afterwards, win or lose! I love these albums for the athlete or parent as well as for a keepsake of a great tournament or match/game. I want to go beyond this idea as well and make albums for athletes or coaches (what a great idea for an end of the season gift!) to have each page feature an athlete with a space for a special message, yearbook style! I personally would have loved to have had one of these books for every year I played volleyball or softball growing up, from high school to summer programs and junior Olympic volleyball. It would have been great to look over these at the end of my athletic career and reminisce :) I hope you like this idea as much as I do! Email me if you want an album for yourself or your student athlete!