Let's Keep the Communication moving forward

I have had a few conversations in the past 2 months that have me so excited. I am always happy to keep being an open book and for speaking with any other professional photographers about anything that has to do with our career. I have recommended so many things in the past 2 months other than editing (which is my main focus) and that is super fun! Contracts, pay, wording to use in communications, photography books, and more... I love talking to other creatives about all of it.

I want to keep my Facebook Live and Zoom events going. If there is something that you would love to ask me about or want to talk to a group about? I want to keep a safe space open for anyone (new to the career or someone who has been around for decades) to openly speak about issues in our industry. I have always been someone who loves to dig into issues and talk to other people to see both (or the many) sides, and I think the more we talk about things like pay and contract wording, etc, the better off we will ALL be. When one of us wins, we all win! :)

Please email me or message me on the socials if you have something you want to discuss with a group! I am happy to facilitate a "gathering" online! Or in person one of these days -- if there were enough of us in one space sometime I am also very happy to work on putting something together, too!

Chat soon!

~ Wendy