Culling like a champ

The major first step after photographing your event or game is culling. I get a ton of questions about culling and selecting images as well as how to organize images while culling and selecting. If you still have not, PLEASE subscribe to my email newsletter (get it here) because I go over all of these things with freebie handouts. This part of photo editing is often not what is talked about, because retouching images (which many people consider "editing") is more fun to share about. However, the nuts and bolts of photo editing are culling and doing your photo selects. You can't change colors, make cool backgrounds or erase things from images if you haven't first chosen the perfect images to do this on! And you certainly don't want to have to touch up or edit every single photo you took. No one is that good - ha ha ha. Maybe back in the film days photographers were editing every photo they shot, but I doubt even then most photographers did not think they had that many keepers! :) I've shot on film and I can truly say not all photos are worth saving!

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Have a wonderful week and, as always, let me know if you have questions or have areas that you'd like more information!