Hello, Tiffany! Tell me a bit about yourself. Where did you grow up?

I was born in Albany, Georgia but I moved around a lot as a kid but I always stayed in the South. As an adult, I lived in Doha, Qatar for two years and then eventually moved back home about 5 years ago. I currently live in LaGrange, Georgia and I plan to stay here forever. I love it. :)

Qatar! How exciting!! Super cool. Did you play sports as a kid?

No! Which is crazy to me because I’m such an athletic person now. You couldn’t have paid me to do anything physical back then. I was in marching band through high school and college and I think that is what started to open my mind up to being more physical. Now I’m into pretty much into any physical hobby there is– CrossFit, hiking, cycling, mountain biking, kayaking, paddleboarding. Anything!

Where do you live now?

LaGrange, Ga. The best lil town ever.

Oh, sorry, you said that! Anything else you’d like readers to know about you?

I hate board games. Like, loathe them and I don’t care if I win or lose because I don’t consider myself to be competitive until it has something to do with fitness. Then I’m competitive to a fault.

That is so funny! I can't imagine being competitive and not liking board games. I am competitive and I absolutely love board games!

How long have you been a photographer? When did you start?

I’ve always been into photography in one way or another my whole life. I entered photo contests when I was in middle school, and won some awards in high school. [I] took many photography classes in college. I just never really considered it to be a career choice for some reason. I guess I was thinking it was always just a hobby.

What was your first “pro” camera?

Well, when I was in high school I found an old film Minolta at a thrift store and used that forever. My dream was to eventually buy myself a

Canon Rebel. I actually had sold all of my cameras (vintage and new) back in 2010 to buy a house which was so stupid of me, honestly. I shouldn’t have done that. I lost a lot of really great vintage cameras doing that. I actually didn’t even have my own camera when I shot Wodapalooza [a CrossFit competition] for the first time back in 2022. I had to borrow my brother’s Nikon.

You shot with a camera that was borrowed! You are a stronger woman than I. I pick up a different camera body than my Nikons (like a Canon) and it's like trying to read Swedish. It's completely foreign to me, haha. What camera(s) do you currently shoot with?

I currently shoot with two Canon EOS Rebels (finally got my rebels!) T8i. I become super attached to things so I’ll probably have them until they fall apart.

What makes a “professional photographer” in your opinion?

Oooh that is a tough one. I guess because of imposter syndrome, I still have an issue considering myself a “professional photographer” even when I’m on the sidelines of major events like the CrossFit Games. I guess you could say it’s when you’re first getting paid to cover an event. Like, properly compensated.

Can't say I disagree with that. What was your first paid photography gig?

My first paid gig was back in college when I shot a wedding (which I’ll never do again).

People either seem to love or hate weddings! They seem to be a natural part of being a photographer in some form or fashion. What was your first paid sports photography gig (if different from the gig above)?

My first sports paid gig was [a CrossFit competition called] Wodapalooza in 2022 shooting for Invictus. It’s wild because, as I said earlier, I didn’t even have my own camera and I contacted CJ with Invictus and basically said, “I take photos. Y’all need someone?” and to my surprise he said yes and I’ve been shooting with them ever since. They have such a special place in my heart because they took a chance on me and continue to allow me into their Sea of Green family and I’m so thankful. They truly opened the door for me.

What was one of your favorite events/competitions/games/matches that you shot?

Definitely Granite Games. I hate that it’s gone now but I loved it. It had such great access for media on the field, the events were interesting and varied and the media room was great. Haha. We love a good media room.

I loved The Granite Games, too. Coming from Minnesota, I photographed for them in both iterations (the old-school Granite Games owned by the Swansons, and the one owned by Loud & Live).

To transition to one of my favorite subjects: Do you do your own photo editing? If so, do you like photo editing? Why or why not?

I do my editing! I have a love/hate relationship with editing, really. Sometimes it can be tedious when you’re going through thousands of photos and you have to get an album out to a brand/athlete/training camp, etc. and you’re on a deadline. But what I really love is when you’re shooting and you KNOW you just got a dope shot and you can’t wait to go back and edit it ASAP.

Me too!! I love that part of shooting and editing so much.

What photography jobs do you have coming up that you are excited about?

A lot of Invictus stuff coming down the pipeline which I’m always hyped about– QF [Quarterfinals] coverage, Semis West Coast, CrossFit Games (all obviously pending approval from HQ). I’ve also got some irons in the fire with a few brands, which is great because I feel like I’ve finally gone from a place where I was ghosted in their DMs to where I have them reaching out to me which is wild.

Yeah, it's really cool once you transition out of that "place." I'll tell you how it feels once I get there, ha ha ha. I'm proud of you for how far you've come. That is awesome and inspirational. It feels like a lot of photographers get opportunities from their connection with Invictus, which is really cool that they care about hiring professionals and promoting their brand the right way. I admire that about them.

What kinds of non-sports-related photo jobs do you take?

I really like anything to do with people that isn’t a wedding. Weddings are really just way too high stakes for me, haha. I love doing senior portraits, family photos, and engagement shoots. My favorite thing is to capture emotion in my photos.

What is a topic related to photography in general, or more specifically sports photography, that you are really passionate about?

More female representation in the media space! Especially in the fitness industry. This past [CrossFit] Games I saw a definite increase in women in sports media and that was so nice to see! I love seeing people like Lauren Kalil call play-by-plays and really help to make us noticed.

YES! Yes yes yes to this. All of this. More women in the media space, period. It is so necessary to hear and see work from all different types of creators.

Who were/are your mentors?

Literally, every other photographer I have met in the industry. They always have some sort of advice that they can give you. Whether it’s to wear sunscreen on long shooting days or which brands are needing new people, etc. They’re always so helpful and encouraging.

Amen to that. What would be an event/competition/game that you would love to shoot someday?

I would really love to start getting into shooting GoRuck events (HINT HINT GORUCK). I love the gritty, real, and raw feel of the events, and having done a Tough [a GoRuck Tough event] myself, I know how much of a pain cave it can be. I’d love to cover something like Selection.

What sport have you not shot yet that you would love to shoot?

I’d be really interested in shooting some NFL/MLB stuff. It would be a challenge but I’m up for it.

Thanks so much for the interview, Tiffany! Readers, go follow Tiffany on Instagram.

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