A Slightly Rainy Wedding at the Minneapolis Event Center

When a bride insists on having her wedding outside, you’d better believe all that can be done to prepare for a rain shower pre-ceremony is done. The MEC was a fantastic venue for a spring shower; guests were very close to indoor space to take shelter, the colors outside truly shined with a little bit of rain, and the ceremony that was performed by the bride’s grandpa was truly not to be missed. Everyone was great from wedding party to guests to the staff at the venue. While the bride’s grandpa had to cut a few things short to keep everyone from getting a good soak, the wedding went off without a hitch! It was beautiful no matter what Mother Nature had in store.


Grandma danced the night away! She was awesome!


Primary photographer: Becca Dilley photography

Venue: Minneapolis Event Center

Cake: Buttercream

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