A Classic Wedding at St. Thomas

I┬áhad a lot of time with this groom and his family before the wedding ceremony, since he was going to be joining his bride at the church after getting ready and having family photos taken with his side of the family. I met him at his friend’s house where they leisurely played football in the backyard, ate lunch, then got cleaned up and ready for the ceremony. It was a very nice and relaxing way to ease into the day!

In fact, the bride and groom did their first look minutes before walking down the aisle, together, hand-in-hand. Over my 6 years of shooting weddings, I have never had a bride and groom see each other right before the ceremony, not to mention ever walk down the aisle together (instead of her meeting him at the end of the aisle). I loved this twist on tradition!


The groom’s son was responsible for holding the wedding rings for the ceremony. When they were handed over to him before the ceremony, the only thing that was said to him was “don’t drop them.” Of course, you can imagine what happened. I have never seen a kid move so fast in my life. I am actually surprised I got this shot! All was well, no harm was done and the couple was married in the end.

Primary photographer: Pixel posey photography

Ceremony location: The chapel of St. Thomas Aquinas

Reception venue: JJ Hill Reference Library

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